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VI Peel

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What is VI Peel?

VI Peel is the next generation for aesthetic procedures. Unlike other chemical peels, VI Peel is painless, yet produces dramatic yet visible results in just a few days and requires little downtime.

The VI Dermatology Line address the following skin concerns:

  • treating hyper pigmentation and melanoma
  • reversing sun damage and signs of aging
  • improving skin tone and texture
  • clearing acne and reducing acne scars
  • Stimulating collagen growth and elastin production, for firmer skin


The VI Peel Process

The doctor will cleanse your skin with acetone to remove all oils. A first layer will be applied which will slightly numb your skin. You may feel a brief stinging sensation for 5 to 10 seconds. Layers will be applied until your skin “frosts. The peel is left on and will self-neutralize over the next 6 hours. Your skill will feel and look tighter with a glow.

Skin will darken to have a tanned complexion, then will begin to peel on Day 3. By Day 7 the peel will be complete. You new skin will be smoother, clearer and more tone-balanced.