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Welcome to Dr. Susan Chobanian’s cosmetic surgery institute located in beautiful Glendale, California. She looks forward to helping you look amazing and feel even better. Plastic surgery is the process of reconstructing or correcting the body. There are many different ways plastic surgery can be performed, but regardless of if this is for treatment of an injury or for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Susan Chobanian will achieve the look you were dreaming of.

Dr. Susan Chobanian is excellent provider of aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. She believes in a whole body approach to beauty and is dedicated to your care and to providing you with straightforward and honest answers to your concerns. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, and Dr. Chobanian has an eye to detail and is fully dedicated to achieve the patient’s desired characteristics and appearance

Dr. Chobanian says “People worry that they are being vain because they want to feel better about how they look, but I feel that aesthetic surgery addresses something far more important to conceit. To put it simply, people want to blend in and feel more comfortable in a crowd.”